While I was Director of Communications at New England Conservatory (NEC), I worked with Lisa for several years in her capacity as a remote member of the Marketing team. This was an experiment, following the departure of a senior member of our team, and a successful experiment in my opinion. I learned a lot about virtual partnering while working with Lisa during those years. We were in almost daily contact by e-mail, and had a scheduled weekly phone call to calibrate around goals and work in progress. Lisa was a wonderful colleague, and I was impressed by her ability to absorb the extremely complex academic and musical culture of the Conservatory, while not being physically present on campus. She was very successful in maintaining the Conservatory’s presence on media platforms both “old” and “new,” while introducing us to previously unexplored opportunities, particularly on digital platforms. As a school rapidly approaching 50% international enrollment, it was of great importance to broaden our reach beyond local print media, even though this had long been a focus (concert reviews in daily newspapers). Lisa brought to the table the ability to fish for leads in the largest possible pool of digital outlets. Of equal importance, she was able to tailor her skill set to institutional mandates that could be quite specific. As an example, one of her great successes for the Conservatory was her management of NEC’s Huffington Post blog. Under her stewardship, it became an outlet for the voices of our faculty, students, and alumni, with carefully curated posts that connected relevant NEC authors with institutionally significant topics that could range from “why I play Bach” to foster care. Lisa shepherded writers of all experience levels through the process of crafting compelling and publishable posts that expressed the depth and breadth of the NEC community, its engagement with the art of music and with the issues of our time. Lisa’s portfolio speaks to her professional skills. Beyond those attributes, I can attest to her empathy and integrity, two qualities that don’t always get mentioned in our profession, but that contribute greatly to her ability to promote the compelling stories that connect audiences to a brand’s core values.

Rob Schmieder, Former Director of Communications at New England Conservatory

Lisa Helfer has proved to be a wonderful investment in her expertise and professionalism. Lisa is a first rate publicist. In one year she has doubled our attendance and quadrupled our visibility in the press.  Where in the past we where lucky to get one review for the entire season, this year we had multiple reviews for each of our concerts. What is perhaps most helpful to a group like ours, is the fact that Lisa is prompt and efficient and highly experienced. She is responsive and uniquely flexible, careful to get it right and can be counted on to get material out in a timely fashion. In short, I recommend Lisa to everyone I can.

Frank Epstein, President of Collage New Music

Lisa has all the right ingredients for a public relations expert: a sharp mind, excellent writing skills, a wide network of high level clients and press contacts and most importantly, a calm serenity that is most reassuring to a stressed out Entrepreneur like myself! You’d be lucky to work with her.

Deborah Semer, Inventor of Joyboxx®, Founder & CEO of Passionate Playground™ LLC

Lisa Helfer has been absolutely amazing to work with. Her creativity is beyond compare. She delivers work as promised and has never been late on any projects we worked together on. Lastly, Lisa’s firm is very reasonable to work with from a cost standpoint. I have worked with many other firms and their prices were 2-3X higher and the results were no better to less than the product Lisa’s company delivered.

Christopher Tracy, Global Business Development & Strategy Entrepreneur

Lisa Helfer has been a tremendous help in marketing and public relations to SOSMentor. She is so creative in her writing – she brings out the most compelling, meaningful, and sensitive messages in her interviews, and her work results in fantastic press releases. The writing she has done for SOSMentor has greatly enhanced our website. We can’t thank her enough for the fantastic support that she has provided to our nonprofit.

Carole Donahue, Co-Founder & Partnerships Coordinator

Lisa Helfer is one of my organization’s newest finds: A youthful, but bright, mature & “self-actualized” writer, who is both prolific and well versed in all things Yoga, Nutritional and Hollywood. She has demonstrated exceptional writing abilities, while she practically single-handedly crafted copy for a web site for one of our soon-to-be released products. She has also exhibited excellent collaborative skills, when she recently joined us, along with other journalists and editors, for story development ideas that touched and concerned subject matter that involved our products. We are eager to have her develop story lines targeted for strategic placement in targeted media, as we prepare to launch 9 new product lines of functional foods and beverages. I wholeheartedly endorse the work that Lisa does. She is a dedicated, concerned, helpful team player, whose independent talents have also shined through in every endeavor she’s undertaken for us.

Michael Arlen, President and Founder of Arlen Nutraceuticals

I hired Lisa Helfer to help launch Mayron’s Good Baby (www.mayronsgoodbaby.com), my all natural skin care line for babies and adults. Lisa Helfer consulted with me on how best to create an online presence via a synthesis of branding, public relations, social media, tradeshows, and marketing. As a result, my company was featured on several popular parenting, baby, entertainment, beauty, and green/organic Blogs and Web Sites, trade publications, and online radio and television programs. Lisa put my company in the spotlight.

Melanie Mayron, Director, Writer, and Emmy-Award Winning Actress, Owner of Mayron’s Goods